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  • Admissions are now closed for the academic year 2016/17.
  • Our mission is to act as a national centre for nurturing, launching and bringing home talent. Rather than strike out on their own, we seek to create a community of bright young minds who want to broaden their horizon by studying abroad. Our hope is that they will return, so that Hungary as a whole will benefit from the experience and skills they have gained. In the last four years, we have thus prepared nearly 300 students for leading English-speaking universities.
  • The Milestone Institute offers a 4-year preparatory programme for studying abroad, tailor-made to students' needs, with entry possible in any year. If you are taking your Érettségi in 2017, our Senior year is the right option for you. For those taking the Érettségi in 2018, we offer the Junior year, and for students aged 14 and above the Freshman and Sophomore years.
  • To find out more about the Milestone Institute, its programmes, and studying abroad in general, register to attend one of our Open Days:
    • Every Thursday 18:00
    • Every Saturday 15:00 and 16:00


HeadofMentoring1Welcome to the Milestone Institute website, designed to answer your questions about the programmes we offer, as well as our broader mission and values. Whether you are a student looking to establish the foundations for your university studies, a parent supporting your child in finding his or her path, or a teacher helping your students continue their education in the best institution possible, the Milestone Institute is the right port of call.
  We know it's a long road, as we ourselves have followed it. The establishment of the Milestone Institute was the result of many a conversation amongst our team, a group of people who experienced both the benefits and challenges of studying abroad. Certain themes emerged as universal, from the importance of personalised tuition and independent study to the difficulty of going it alone in a foreign environment. By and large, we essentially drew the same conclusions.  



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29 February 2016 08:00 - 16:00

A Milestone Intézet megnyitja szárnyaskapuit a diákok előtt, akik február 29-én nem mennek iskolába.
Diákklubjaink hozzák a programokat, mi biztosítjuk a helyszínt. Reggel 8-tól jöhettek! A részvétel regisztrációhoz kötött, ezért mindenképp látogass el az esemény hivatalos fb-oldalára.

A Milestone egyben így fejezi ki szolidaritását a tanárokkal és a pedagógusokkal, akik munkájukkal nagyban hozzájárulnak az Intézet sikereihez.

25 February 2016 17:15 - 19:30

The American Corner Budapest, the Milestone Institute and the U.S. Embassy Budapest cordially invite you to the Corner’s annual African American History Month event titled as “A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Difference.”
The program includes presentations about African American history by visiting guest speakers from the United States, followed by a panel discussion on Civil Rights, Human Rights and Activism, with invited speakers from the African American, Roma and LGBT communities. The ev...

14 December 2015 18:00

The Milestone Institute announces its next public event.What is it like to live your daily life in the shadow of Assad's bombs and ISIS?This talk will explain the root causes of the Syrian crisis, as well as its domestic and international importance. In addition to mapping the conflict on the international scene, it will also focus on how ordinary Syrians live through it in the streets of Aleppo.
Click for the event on Facebook.

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