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The Milestone Institute’s programmes are open to students from all backgrounds and with any type of subject interest; the sole condition for admission is successful completion of the entrance exam. Through our admission procedure we aim to select those students who are best suited for study at leading universities abroad and who have what it takes to become valuable members of the Milestone alumni community.

Entry exams take place on Saturdays from 11.00 am at the premises of the Milestone Institute. Applications must be submitted before the Monday immediately preceding the chosen examination date. The language of the entry exam is English, and it consists of three parts, a multiple-choice test, a written English test, and a 20-minute oral interview. The test primarily measures a student’s aptitude for logical thinking and problem-solving. During the first part of the interview, each applicant will be asked to summarise and discuss a video lecture that is sent out before the exam, while the second focuses on the student’s interests, academic record and any competition results he or she may have. The application form is an important part of the process, and we therefore recommend providing as much detail as possible.

How to Prepare? 

The best way to prepare for the exam is by conversing, reading and watching films in English and by familiarising yourself with our course catalogue, programme structure and student societies. It may also be useful to watch the exam video several times before the interview, and to reflect on the questions we ask during the registration process. Up-to-date knowledge of contemporary affairs and/or of developments in a specific field of interest will also weigh in an applicant’s favour. Students taking the exam should have a positive experience and – even if they are not admitted to the programme – they will receive constructive input on their plans for further study.

Conditions of Entry

To apply, students have to fill out and submit the online application form. In order for their application to be considered, they must have an average of 4 (a B in the British or American system) on their last available transcript (except those students applying for the Freshman year), a copy of which has to be uploaded as part of the online application.

The online application form is available here

Results and Feedback

The possible outcomes of the exam are ‘offer’ (directly admitted to the programme), ‘rejection’ (not admitted to the programme) and ‘waitlist’.  Waitlisted candidates will have to wait until the end of the admissions period, when we will know how many remaining places we have on the programme (if any).  In some cases, we may decide to offer a place to candidates who we believe would benefit from an extra year in order to refine their areas of interests; as a result, around 15% of Senior year applicants are offered a lower year offer for the Junior year. No exact test results or scores will be communicated, but rejected applicants may request personal feedback on their performance by writing to admissions@msinst.org.

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