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Organizing Events

Milestone students, faculty and staff may organise events at the Milestone Institute. The organisation of a successful event requires proper planning and a team with clearly allocated responsibilities. Events have to be advertised at least one week in advance via email, including the exact time and place of the event and the contact details of the organisers, as well as via a Facebook event. Draft emails should be sent to info@msinst.org for distribution to all students. The society organising an event is responsible for cleaning up afterwards, and for returning all furniture to its original place.

Booking a Room 

Room bookings, whether for a class, a mentoring session, or a student society event, have to be made at least three days in advance, with an estimate of the number of participants (and hence the room capacity required), and indication of what equipment (such as a projector, etc.) will be needed.

If you would like to book a room, please send an email to: info@msinst.org

Milestone staff and faculty are encouraged to book rooms via our Institute’s internal booking system.

Available Equipments 

Our students, faculty and staff may, if a proposed event or project requires it, borrow equipment available at the Milestone Institute. A piece of equipment can only be borrowed by a single person who is responsible for it during the loan period, as well as for returning it to its proper place afterward. Students are liable for any damage to the equipment they borrow, either by replacing the equipment or paying for its repair, as required. Before any object can be taken out, this must first be registered with the office manager, who will also record the period of the loan. Sound equipment and projectors as well as Go Pro, digital and regular cameras can be borrowed by filling out this form:

Emergency Overnight Stay 

While it is not standard procedure, in emergency situations students may request to stay overnight at the Institute. In each case, students have to request permission from a member of core staff and accept liability for any damage caused during their overnight stay.

Student ID Cards 

The primary purpose of the Milestone ID card is to identify you as a student of the Institute. In addition, your ID card also grants you swipe access to the building. You should therefore always carry your Milestone ID card, not least in order to gain access to the premises. In order for us to produce your ID card, we require a recent colour photograph. The image must be taken against a light background so that your features are clearly distinguishable, and it must be a full-face image (in other words, NO telephone selfies or cropped holiday shots!). It is important that you look after and protect your student ID card.

Terms and conditions of ID card use:

  • Cards remain the property of the Milestone Institute
  • Cards are not transferrable and must not be lent to others
  • If you leave the programme before its end, you must return your card
  • If you lose your ID card, you must report this via an email to mentors@msinst.org; while your initial ID card is issued free of charge, you will be charged for replacement cards.

Common Room 

The Common Room is the main space for students to socialise or simply unwind after their classes. It may be freely used for mentoring as well as other activities without booking, and open lectures and larger events also take place here. Students are asked to maintain order in the Common Room, and in case of student-organised events, to return the furniture to its original place and clean up, if needed.


The kitchen is available for use to students, core staff and faculty. Coffee and tea are available for all, while the fully equipped kitchen may also be used for cooking, baking or storing food. Students should note that all common property is placed on open shelves and the common table, while all other food and drink (particular those stored in the fridge and cupboard) are off bounds. Students and staff are asked to clean up after themselves. Coffee mugs, glasses and plates are not to be left in the sink, but either placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand should the latter be full or running. There is no other student behaviour that angers core staff as much as the sight of unwashed dishes left in the sink.

Shower Room

The upstairs bathroom is available for students wishing to take a shower. Please note that changes of clothing may not be permanently kept at the Institute, nor are towels provided. Like all other facilities, the toilets and bathroom should be kept in a clean state, and any potential issues should be reported to the front desk.

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