Milestone Institute

Lyons Scholarship for Milestone Students

The West London Synagogue (WLS) is delighted to grant scholarships to eligible students at the Milestone Institute in Budapest, Hungary, with the aim “to increase the number of Jewish children able to benefit from the Milestone Institute’s outstanding, internationally recognised education programme for Hungarians with high academic ability and strong leadership potential”.

Eligibility: recipients should

  • qualify for a place at the Institute, either though Milestone’s admission criteria or by continuing their studies as Milestone student
  • be attending or graduating from a secondary school as of September 2017
  • be from families unable to afford Milestone’s tuition fees without external support
  • be of Jewish heritage.
Definition and Verification of Jewish Status for Lyons Scholarship Eligibility Purposes
  1. Any child having at least one Jewish (paternal or maternal) grandparent, OR Converted Jewish status, AND
  2. Primacy (not exclusivity) of Judaism for the student, as his/ her faith, identity or experience.
Application procedure:
  1. Write a short essay (max 500 words) on how being Jewish has shaped your family, identity, lifestyle, or choices in the present and how you expect so in the future.
  2. Fill in this application form and attach your essay in Word or pdf.
    Essay deadline: 10.00am on the 25th of March
  3. Selected applicants will be called for a personal or online interview with Milestone staff 
    Interview date: 3rd April
  4. A small number of applications will be sent to the donor organisation for a final confirmation of the selection.
    Final decision due: mid-April
An initial meeting with the West London Synagogue representatives for interested applicants will be held on the 10th of February at 3.30pm at Milestone Institute in Budapest. This will be an excellent opportunity for applicants to ask any questions of the donor organisation regarding the scholarship. If you wish to attend, please sign up here.