2016 Leavers' Camp - Milestone Institute

2016 Leavers' Camp

Applications for the organising committee of the 2016 Leavers' Camp are now open

As every year, the Leavers' Camp is one of the highlights of the Milestone calendar. The camp is entirely organised by you, the alumni, and hence offers a great opportunity to develop your skills at event organisation, management, fundraising, and budgeting (apart from lots of fun, of course). The Milestone Leavers' Camp Organising Committee (MLCOC) will have 10 members, who will tackle the challenge of making the camp for this year's 135 leavers the best ever.

The larger aim is to celebrate the work done thus far and to begin creating an environment that will not only help leavers in settling into their new home abroad, but connect them with like-minded alumni in the hope that they will carry on the Milestone mission and live up to the high expectations placed in them, launch innovating projects together and work on important social issues.

A Selection Commission has been set up whose tasks are to select the Chair of the MLCOC from among the applicants, to approve the other members of the MLCOC, based on the Chair's recommendations, and to advise and consult the MLCOC, to insure that past mistakes are avoided and best practices are continued and improved.

The members of the Selection Commission are:

Dániel Léderer Zsófia Pátkai-Kiss
Ádám Zeitler Rita Pataki
Christoph Gottstein

If you are interested in being part of this year's team and making a great tradition greater, please fill out the online application form by 5pm CET on Monday, April 11th. The selection of the Chair will be announced on April 15th, with those of the other MLCOC members following on April 22nd. The following committee positions are available and wait for your application:

ChairDeputy ChairTreasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Reports to Selection Commission
  • Responsible for leading the Committee and seeing that all functions are delegated, coordinated and completed
  • Responsible for the budget of the camp
  • Responsible for submitting the final report to the Selection Commission
  • Responsible for managing conflicts
  • Responsible for managing schedules
  • Responsible for enforcing rules
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining camp traditions
  • Reports to the Chair
  • Assists the Chair in his/her duties
  • Prepares and enforces camp budget
  • Collects and makes payments
  • Prepares final financial report
  • Assists Fundraising Coordinator with sponsorship agreements
  • Organises external sponsorship, donations and funds
  • Communication with sponsors, donors, companies, grant issuing organisations
  • Responsible for achieving min. 25% external funding
MS Alumni and Staff CoordinatorProgramme CoordinatorDeputy Programme Coordinator (2)
  • Communication with alumni and staff
    Coordinates alumni and staff involvement during the camp
  • Promotes university Hungarian Societies,
  • Alumni projects and other opportunities for leavers
  • Responsible for planning, preparing and coordinating camp schedule
  • Responsible for organising camp programmes
  • Responsible for planning the camp schedule and programmes
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining camp traditions
  • Responsible for coordinating and communicating with Team Leaders’ Coordinator and Heads of Teams as regards running the camp programmes
  • Assists Programme Coordinator in his/her duties
Logistics CoordinatorLeavers' CoordinatorTeam Leaders' Coordinator
  • Responsible for finding and organising camp venue
  • Responsible for planning and organising the equipment and facilities for the camp
  • Responsible for hoodie ordering, etc
  • Recruits camp participants
  • Communicates with camp participants
  • Communicates with Heads of Teams
  • Trains and prepares Heads of Teams