Debating Economics – Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Dátum: 2018. április 26. 17:00-19:00
Kategória: Diákegyesületek, Diákélet

On the 26th of April, Zsolt Dara deputy CEO of The Fusion Group operating all Burger King, Anna Café and Bellozzo restaurants is invited by the Debating Society to share his entrepreneur experiences and insights he gathered over the years. After his talk on private companies and marketing, the following motion will be debated:

This house would impose an extremely high pollution tax on private companies (200%-300%) in developed countries.

Join us for this fantastic opportunity to get some first-hand insight into the taxation of private companies.

Zsolt Dara, throughout his career, he worked in the US with Michel Jordan developing his restaurant business. Coming back to Hungary he currently manages forty-five highly profitable restaurants, fifteen hundred employees and a turnover of an annual fifteen billion forints. He is the founder of the fresco Italiano prosperous Bellozzo brand/concept.