The Milestone Institute houses a growing collection of academic texts, monographs, novels, journal articles and academic publications that students are invited to use for their assignments. The library collection is for reference only, i.e. no item may leave the premises. Students are liable to pay for and/or replace any damage caused to the collection. Any books taken off the shelf should be placed on the book collection trolley after use. In addition, no food or beverages may be consumed in the library.

Library Catalogue

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Electronic Resources

The Milestone Institute offers a large collection of electronic books as well as a subscription to the digital academic journal collection of JSTOR. Both can be accessed through the library computer.

Requesting Books

If students, mentors or module leaders cannot get access to a particular text needed for their research and have exhausted all alternatives (other libraries and online resources), they can request that it be purchased for the library by sending their request to The email should contain the requester’s name, the title of the book, the price, the link to a page where it can be purchased, and the reason for the request (student society, module, mentoring).

Donations to the Library

Donations to the library are most welcome. If you wish to make a donation, please contact the office manager via Before a donation is made, core staff will verify that the books in question would make a valuable addition to the library. Please note that the Institute’s library is primarily comprised of English-language academic texts, and that we seek to further expand the collection in this vein.

Previous donors:

  • Central European University
  • Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Research Documentation Centre, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • National Library of Foreign Literature
  • Corvinus University of Budapest Central Library.


Opening Hours

The library is available for quiet study from 10am to 7pm each weekday and from 10 am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Library Catalogue

All the works contained in the library can be searched and located through the online library catalogue. The catalogue can be accessed through the main library computer or online by clicking here.

CEU Library

If their research requires it, students may request access to the collections of the Central European University library. Access can be requested from the CEU library staff through a special recommendation written by a mentor.

Photocopying and Scanning Policy

Students may use the library printer for scanning and photocopying. Each student is granted 20 photocopying credits upon entry to the programme. Once they exceed these 20 credits, students may print at their own cost. In the interest of the environment, the Institute generally asks students to refrain from printing whenever possible, and to print only what they deem absolutely essential.


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