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The tuition fee payment for all programmes is due 15 days after the contract has been signed (if an instalment plan has been agreed, the first instalment is due on this day). To make the programme accessible to students who lack the financial resources to pay the programme cost, scholarships are available for those who have already been admitted. (Scholarship applicants who decide to withdraw from the contract after the scholarship decision has been announced may do so without incurring any penalty.)

The tuition fee for all programme years is HUF 550,000 (including VAT).


Admission to the Milestone Institute is based on achievement, aspiration, and potential. While the provision of a quality education can be costly, our financial aid policies are designed to ensure that economic considerations will not act as a barrier for talented students. We are therefore committed to the following principles:

No highly performing student should be deterred from applying by financial considerations;

No highly performing student should be unable to take up a place, or have to leave prematurely, because of financial difficulties.

Needs-Based Scholarships

As part of our overarching goal of increasing student mobility, we provide a number of fee-waiver scholarships for newly admitted as well as continuing students from lower income backgrounds. Needs-based scholarships are available to students admitted to any of the four academic years (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior). Scholarships are income-assessed and will be awarded as a percentage of the programme cost, from 10% to 100%.

As applications for needs-based scholarships require the submission of a number of supporting documents, we strongly recommend students to start the application procedure in time.

Scholarship applications for the 2017/2018 Programme Year are now closed.

Merit Scholarship

The Institute awards fee-waiver scholarships for the Senior Year to newly admitted as well as continuing students who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual potential, notably through successful participation in academic competitions. Our scholarship holders have generally excelled at national, regional and international Academic Olympiad competitions. Scholarships are awarded based on past achievements (of continuing  as well as new students) and performance at the entry exam (for new students). Merit scholarships may be revoked and are subject to repayment if the student’s performance is found to be unsatisfactory.

Bulgarian Minority Scholarship

Due to the long-standing collaboration between Milestone and the Bulgarian Minority in Hungary, we have set up a fee-waiver scholarship especially for students who belong to and are active within the Bulgarian minority community. The scholarship is awarded by a joint committee of the Milestone Institute and the representative body of the Bulgarian Minority in Hungary (Bolgár Országos Önkormányzat), following admission to the Milestone Institute. The scholarship covers two-thirds of the programme cost, awarded in equal parts by Milestone and the Bulgarian Minority on the condition that the recipient agrees to volunteer at the Bulgarian Library.

Scholarship for Talented Roma Students

The Milestone Institute subscribes wholeheartedly to the values of equal opportunities and social mobility and believes that talent cannot be contained within borders. At the Milestone Institute, we are strongly committed to diversity, welcoming and respecting the values that different cultures, ethnicities and identities bring. Hence, these scholarships are being offered to talented Roma students, in order that these talented individuals may pursue their studies in the inspirational, tolerant and open-minded environment of the Milestone Institute.

Lyons Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of the reform congregation of the West London Synagogue, we have launched the Lyons Scholarship, with the aim to increase the number of Jewish children able to benefit from the Milestone Institute’s outstanding, internationally recognised education programme for Hungarian students with high academic ability and strong leadership potential. Recipients should qualify for a place at the Institute, either though Milestone’s admission criteria or by continuing their studies as Milestone student and be of Jewish heritage.

Scout Scholarship

The János Hunyadi Scouts Foundation in Rákosliget has generously offered to fund one full scholarship for a student attending the Milestone Institute. Students starting their Junior or Senior year in May 2017 who are members of the scouts are eligible. Applicants should fill out the scholarship sorter (at the bottom of the page) in order to receive the link for application. They will then be asked to write a short essay in Hungarian on what it means to be a scout and how being a scout has affected them.


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