Photo: Gabriella Dohi
Photo: Gabriella Dohi

Milestone provides a unique academic environment in the heart of Budapest and brings together people who are passionate about knowledge and its dissemination to the next generation of Hungarian scholars and practitioners. With over 342 students, 130 academic modules, over 70 faculty members and 600 alumni at many of the world’s leading universities, the Institute is dedicated to nurturing a community of change-makers able to face the challenges of the 21st century.  We are constantly looking for new collaborators who share the Institute’s mission and international outlook. If you want to be part of this inspiring community and feel committed to our mission, get in touch, either by applying for one of the positions advertised below, or by dropping us an email to discuss the possibility of collaboration.

  • Student Ambassador

      Purpose of the Position: The Student Ambassador plays a vital role in recruiting new talented students to Milestone by holding Open Days, giving presentations at high schools about our Institute and maintaining close relations with schools, teachers, prospective students and parents.

      Looking for: The ideal candidate would be a former student of Milestone with strong communication skills and charisma, an open-minded and approachable person in general, who also has experience in delivering presentations in front of a small audience.

      Application deadline: July 31

  • Mentor

      Purpose of the position: Mentors act as personal as well as academic advisors to students, either on an individual basis and in tutorial-style discussions, with a maximum of 3 students per occasion. Mentors help develop the academic interest and knowledge of their students, as well as assisting in their personal growth and emotional development. In the final year of the programme mentors also advise and assist students with their university applications, as well as their integration into the Milestone alumni community.

      Looking for: Applications from all disciplines are welcome.

      Application deadline: Running applications

  • Module leader

      Purpose of the position: Module leaders teach small groups of students (numbering 6-12), both within the bounds of a particular discipline and in an interdisciplinary (i.e. thematic) manner. The Institute is looking for expertise in the fields of natural sciences and engineering, social sciences (from economics to social anthropology), humanities (from classics and history to literature) and arts (from architecture and fine art to film and theatre studies).

      Looking for: Applications from all disciplines are welcome.

      Application deadline: Running applications

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