What’s new at Milestone?

08/04/2013: Recent developments at Milestone:

Library now open as a study room for alumni

– Our first ever Newsletter soon to be published

– Inaugural games night a success

– Establishment of the Milestone Bridge Society

As we anxiously await the arrival of spring, it has already made itself felt through a number of new developments at Milestone. First, the Library at Bajza utca 44 is now open as a study room for alumni who are in Budapest during their holidays. Opening hours during this time are 24/7, should you need it. In addition, you should also stay tuned for the first ever Milestone Newsletter, which is soon to be published.

In other news, last Friday, the Laika headquarters hosted the inaugural Milestone game night, organised by Anna Borbély and Eszter Herendi. By all accounts, the event was a success, with a turnout of around 40 students, who played a broad range of games, from shady poker to noble bridge, and anything in between, including other card games, Catan, and Cluedo.

Since most of the players were new to bridge, an expert was brought in to present and explain the game; he emphasised the social nature of bridge, which makes players engage with one another and at the same time improves their capacity for logical thinking and abstraction. He joked that the distracted Facebook generation with its smartphone culture could probably do with a little bit more of the latter.

Given the interest in the game, the organisers have decided to set up a Milestone Bridge Society, with classes that will teach you to master this cerebral pursuit. If you are interested, just fill in this Google docs form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14LZz0cjWmK9Ab_nrj8nNx0-iuc3Ej77gAqiBhpkFGno/viewform

And here is some pictorial evidence from the Games Night:

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