Milestone Sailing Day

23/09/2013: In order to bring Milestone students closer and deepen the relations among them, we founded the Milestone Sailing Society – a platform for sport, fun and networking. Cooperating with a sailing club located in Balatonfüred, we can use the club’s sailboats right in the hub of Hungarian sailing. Furthermore, to provide the best experience for our members, the committee intends to regularly organise events similar to our first official Sailing Day held in Augustus 2013, where we offered trainings both on the theory and practice of sailing.

While nearly half of the participants were sailing on Lake Balaton at a time, the others socialised and enjoyed the catering organised by the committee on the shore.

As a fruit of our preparatory labour, we are proud to report that several of the first-time sailors expressed their immediate desire to join our society, while the general satisfaction even reached 8.9 out of 10 based on our post-sailing day questionnaire.

Chairman of the Milestone Sailing Society

Fabian Somfai

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7th May, 2021

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