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DanielMegaphone10/12/2013: For a long time we’ve been planning a needs-based scholarship programme that would help talented students finance their studies abroad. While we already have scholarships at Milestone these cover only the cost of our programmes; up to now we had no means to offer any funding for the time our students spend abroad. Now, however, we have an opportunity to kick-start a bursary scheme with HUF 5 million. This is the sum that will be awarded to the winner in a competition of young entrepreneurs. And Milestone co-founder and CEO Dániel Léderer is among the finalists. The winner will be decided by public vote and anyone with a Facebook profile can take part. If you would want to help make our scholarship programme happen, please vote for Dániel at (you will have to vote for three candidates to participate). Thank you in advance in the name of our future scholarship recipients!

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