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23/01/2014:  One week after the application deadline, the students enrolled in the Milestone Institute’s 2013/2014 Academic Year programme have already received dozens offers from universities across the UK; since more are coming in by the day, we have set up an interactive Offers Tracker that allows you to follow the offers—as well as the students’ decisions on their firm and insurance choices—in real time.

These figures are far from final, and the table includes no information on where students will actually study, since universities have until early May to communicate their admissions decisions. In the centralised UK system, each student can apply for up to five university courses. For the majority of students who have not yet taken their final exams, offers are conditional and thus depend on their Érettségi performance. To take account of this, students get to choose one firm and one insurance choice. The latter is usually a lower offer in terms of the grades stipulated, and, as the name suggests, ‘insures’ the student should he or she not make the offer from the firm choice university. As the incoming offers indicate, this year’s students will do at least as well if not better than last year’s at securing university places. Go Laikas!

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