1st Alumni Camp

07/07/2014: What to do in order to take over the world is an age-old question. After contemplating this for a long time we arrived at the conclusion that all is takes is some dilemma café, a bit of ‘krumplikás papri’, and, of course, the Milestone alumni – and all this preferably in Mohács. This is why our most dedicated students, leaving Perfidious Albion behind them, gathered in this Southern Hungarian town to hold the first Milestone Alumni Camp – in complete secret, naturally.

Even though they have all had a difficult year the purpose of their meeting wasn’t simply to relax together. ‘In being active there’s tranquillity’ – they kept saying to each other at every moment during these three days; and at times it was even concluded that world domination and the concept of summer do not mix. Hence the swimming pool, laughter, volleyball and refreshments only served to revive the students’ ever-restless brain cells.

Thanks to this wise attitude the students managed to lay down the foundations for four large projects, in which they were led by four important aims: opening up the world for younger generations and underprivileged youth; sharing their thoughts with the public; and helping each other in building their own futures.

This is how the Milestone Educational Project was born, which targets the youngest high school students. Our alumni aim to help orientate students and use round table discussions to improve their critical thinking skills and their ability to formulate and articulate their opinions. The project dedicated to helping underprivileged regions is to be overseen by a separate organisation, which would help underprivileged Roma children get into tertiary education. This project will be based on Milestone’s tried and tested mentoring system. The alumni have also decided to launch an independent online newspaper, with the aspiration that it will be able to compete in an international market. Finally, they are planning to develop the Milestone Graduate Centre, which will provide a transparent platform for companies to find prospective employees from among the Milestone alumni.

In conclusion, it cannot be stressed enough that the First Milestone Alumni Camp wasn’t fun at all and produced no results. Moreover, the projects launched there are top secret, meaning that this report should never have been written in the first place. And that is why we definitely do NOT encourage anyone interested in the projects to contact us at mentors@msinst.org for further information.








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