Lyons Scholarship Opening Event 2018/19

On the 20th June, the awarded scholars, their mentors, Milestone staff and alumni joined together to celebrate the second year of the Lyons Scholarship in anticipation of another successful Academic Year.

The Lyons Scholarship is the fruit of the generosity of the reform congregation of the West London Synagogue and has set a further precedent for a rewarding cooperation between the Synagogue and the Milestone Institute. In the spirit of generosity and good deeds, a thought-provoking message was shared by Dr Tamás Büchler, the Program Director at the Israeli Cultural Institute, about the real meaning and complexity of ‘mitzvah.’

Please see the picture gallery below and a review of the event, by one of the Lyons Scholars and Milestone Jewish Club President, Ráchel Oláh-Grósz.

The Lyons Scholarship event was held on 20th June and I can surely say it was special! Not only because it was an occasion where we were awarded our certificates for being scholars, but also because of the friendly environment. The guest speaker was Dr Tamás Büchler, who is the head of the Jewish community in Sopron and has a big role in Jewish life in Budapest as well. We had a discussion with him about the real meaning of mitzvah and about how Rambam established eight pillars of it. After this we had time to mingle and talk with everyone else and we sure did enjoy it! We got to know each other, the scholars and also the people who are helping us with our lives at Milestone. I can honestly say it was a very memorable event and we enjoyed it from the beginning to the end!

The awarded Lyons Scholars for the Academic Year of 2018/19: Bálint Ferenczi, Emeka Odoemelam, Anna Timar, Ráchel Oláh-Grósz, Ráchel Kovács, Hanna Pálya and Hanna Bitter.

Read more about the Lyons Scholarship here.


The photos were taken by our Senior student, András Győri.


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