We Debate You to Oxbridge – Come to Our Show Debate

Come to our Show Debate to learn about debating, the National Qualifiers for two prestigious high school debate competitions at the University of Oxford and Cambridge and see our student-run Debating Society in action!

Debating Society: Show Debate on STEM Education 8th December 14:00 RSVP

What do Mother Teresa, David Cameron and Winston Churchill have in common? They were all once invited speakers to the Oxford University Union. Now it is your turn to follow their lead and speak in the prestigious debating chamber of two of the top universities in the world.

The Milestone Institute presents you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to debate with the brightest minds within the historical walls of the University of Oxford and Cambridge. Come to our exciting Show Debate to find out whether the future lies with arts or robots, get to know our Society and to learn more about the upcoming national qualifiers and preparation sessions hosted at the Institute. No prior debating experience needed!

We welcome everyone with an interest in debating, studying Social Sciences and in the work of the Institute. At the event guests shall have the chance to hear from the Director of Academic Studies, George Greskovits about the importance of argumentative skills and democratic pedagogy then watch a debate by the competitive team who are currently in preparation for the Zagreb Winter Holidays Open on STEM education.

Please register you class or yourself for the event via the google form. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with Eszter Jókay, the Community and Student Life Coordinator at jokay@msinst.org.

At the Show Debate you shall also have the opportunity to learn more about the preparation sessions and national qualifiers for the prestigious Oxford Schools and ICYD Qualifiers to be held at the Institute in 2019 and how you or your students can attend.

The event shall commence at 14:00 on the 8th December at the Milestone Institute (Budapest Bajza utca 44. 3rd floor) snacks and drinks will be provided.


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28th September, 2022

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