Free office space for Ukrainian refugees at Milestone

Dear Milestone Students, Faculty, Parents and Friends,

We are writing to you at a time we did not imagine we would, at a time when we find our everyday life turned into History with a capital H. War has broken out but a few hundred kilometres away from our home, with thousands fleeing the bombardment and invasion of Russian forces. 

The usual playbook of modern civilisation based around peace and diplomacy is unhinged along with any reasonable ambition to predict what the consequences may be. Frankly no one knows what will happen next. Yet, we can find solace in the many things we can do, help, assist, and work towards understanding the situation. We can be the better version of ourselves for those who need it, in the sure knowledge that it makes a difference. 

In collaboration with our partner, Impact Hub, Milestone Institute decided to open up a space for those who are fleeing the war in Ukraine. We both recognised that the best way we can help is by offering access to a space where people can work, study and handle administrative tasks in peace. Hence, from the 2nd of March, the Great Hall will operate as a co-working space for study and work. We will offer access to the Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, iPads and printing. In addition, teenagers can come and stay with us to study, and join Milestone Student Life programmes, to offer a glimpse of entertainment and comfort in the horror they have faced. In the meantime, there will be a corner dedicated to rest and games, where children can stay whilst their parents organise necessary work.

We also want to enable our community to do what they can and address this situation with the Milestone values of leadership through humility and integrity, in pursuit of the common good. 

We encourage our students and faculty to:

  • Join Student Life events if you want to learn more about the current situation or discuss its roots, impact, and long-term consequences (keep an eye out for thematic sessions in the coming weeks).
  • Contact members of the Student Council if you have creative ideas on how to help.
  • Bring games (board games, cards etc.) and toys to donate or loan if you are happy to share these, so children can play with them.

If you want to donate, or volunteer to help on the ground, please follow one of these groups and make sure you check what is required at the time as the situation changes rapidly.

In this we hope to make common cause with all those close to us, do what we can and should.

The Milestone Institute

Milestone News

26th September, 2022

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