Computer Science Society

The Computer Science Society aims to create a community where members can learn and share their knowledge about programming. Their goals are to broaden the programming knowledge of anyone interested, demonstrate a real project’s workflow and work on projects together with members of the society. They have  weekly sessions where they encourage members to join the active programmers in creating awesome and useful projects and to discuss software development concepts used at many companies. 

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Humanitarian Society

The Society aims to provide members with opportunities to gather experiences that are needed on the field of humanitarian work (for example organising volunteering teaching trips to Gyöngyöspata). They would also like to make people aware of the importance of addressing and solving humanitarian issues and would seek for the development of social sensitivity among Milestone students and beyond through making the Milestone community more aware of humanitarian issues and encourage them to participate in more charity events.

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Ongoing Projects: Volunteer at Gyöngyöspata!

Would you like to give back to the community and to broaden your horizons? Would you like to be part of something bigger? Join the newly formed Milestone Humanitarian Society’s volunteering project in cooperation with Napsukár Tanoda supporting students of Gyöngyöspata elementary school!

Be part of a team of volunteers visiting disadvantaged students on a regular basis (preferably twice a month) to help them improve their IT-, maths-, reading comprehension-, English language-, and social skills. Be responsible, gain hands-on experience, and make new friends!

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Jewish Club

The Jewish Club brings together Milestone students who are interested in Judaism and is open to everyone regardless of belief. Through a series of socials, fun events, academic lectures and free time spent together they introduce their members to the religion in a friendly and open-minded environment. Besides enjoying the highlights of Jewish cuisine, they expose the Club members to a variety of forms of Judaism through a series of varied and interesting guest speakers. They also aim to hold events open to the public at which they raise funds for a chosen organisation.

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Innovation Society

The aim of the Innovation Society is to become an interdisciplinary community of students and mentors who meet regularly, exchange ideas, form groups, share opportunities, and support each other in an environment that encourages innovative thinking and a can-do attitude. The Society develops partnerships, hosts speakers, organises workshops, while supporting its members to participate in science/technology events, start-up competitions, and incubation programmes, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup and KutDiak Conferences.

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Milestone Rowing Club

The Milestone Rowing Club is open to both experienced rowers as well as complete beginners and is based at the Danubius Nemzeti Hajós Egylet on Margaret Island. The ultimate goal is to prepare for university-level rowing and, eventually, to see the club represented at the Henley Royal Regatta and at the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.

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Natural Sciences Society

The main aim of the society is to offer Milestone students the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the work of natural scientists. The Society works towards establishing study groups at which students from all fields of Natural Sciences are welcome. Meetings also serve as a ‘stage’ for students to present the results of their own research in organised research groups from which the most outstanding are taken to international conferences and competitions such as the Biology and Chemistry Olympiad or the Young Scientists Journal Conference.

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Model United Nations Society

The Milestone Model United Nations Society is for all students interested in politics and international relations and for those wishing to improve their public speaking and argumentative skills. In Model United Nations, students take on the roles of diplomats, representing a country other than their own to discuss actual global issues and come up with resolutions in line with the official UN rules of procedure. The Society has regular sessions at which new members can learn the format. Furthermore, student members prepare for and attend prestigious conferences such as BIMUN in Budapest, BRATMUN in Bratislava or BERMUN in Berlin.

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Sailing Club

Established under the auspices of the OMFB Sailing Club at Lake Balaton, which graciously permits use of its facilities and boats, the Society includes everyone from former national champions to novices taking their first “steps” on the water. During the summer, the Sailing Club organises bi-monthly excursions and also has a special membership for unlimited boat-usage for sailing-enthusiasts.

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Finance Club

The Milestone Finance Club has the dual aim of educating its members in the art of investing, and of applying that knowledge to achieve the highest possible returns. The Finance Club provides excellent opportunities for learning about financial markets and, in a broader sense, about the business world at large. The Club’s lecture series cover a range of finance topics, workshops and mock trading games are organised and feedback is provided through senior and alumni members. Furthemore, advanced members are encouraged to apply for partner positions and to invest their own money in the club which is managed cooperatively.

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Arts Society

The Arts Society welcomes anyone interested in any of the arts-related fields such as literature, drama, music, film, photography, fashion, visual and fine arts. With a new topic every month the Society organises talks, attends concerts, plays and exhibitions which are then followed by reflective discussions. Its members also have the chance to make an attempt at arts journalism and criticism as after every topic reviews shall be published on the Milestone website. They also organise the Milestone Arts Review and the annual trip to the Berlinálé Film Festival.

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