Access Programme

Milestone community is convinced that the forming of our future is best placed in the hands of a talented, inclusive, globally-minded and committed new generation. Through the Milestone Access Programme (MAP), the Institute sets out to push the limits of its reach, making the benefits of the Milestone method and community more widely accessible. The programme provides crucial foundational skills, intellectual and personality development with the aim of preparing participants for advanced studies at Milestone and beyond.

By participating in MAP, students experience the joy of academically rigorous thinking and are encouraged to develop and widen their range of interests. In addition to making progress with their orientation, participants also develop their individual identity and emotional readiness, which are essential to thrive in an international environment.

Access offers a unique educational and community experience, where, in line with the Institute’s commitment to social responsibility, a key aspect is the participation of talented scholars from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in the programme. Through mutually beneficial encounters and collaborations, students can gain hands-on experience rather than purely theoretical knowledge about the phenomenon of social inequality and successful social mobility.

Key Outcomes of the Access Programme:

  • Evolving and broadening academic curiosity
  • Fundamental skills development in academic writing and research, critical thinking, debating and problem-solving 
  • Establishing Self and life management skills to foster autonomy
  • Strengthening of self-confidence, resilience and adaptability
  • Upon successful completion of the programme an opportunity to join the Institute’s Core Programme of Advanced Studies


The tuition fee of the Access Programme for Academic Year 2021-2022 is HUF 1,000,000. Financial support is only made available to Bridge Scholars (students from a socially disadvantaged background); paying the tuition fee in instalments, however, is an option provided to all Access students.

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Access Programme
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