Bridge Programme Description

The Milestone Institute is a centre of advanced education for gifted secondary school students. With over 350 students, 80 faculty members and 1000+ alumni at many of the world’s leading universities, the Institute is dedicated to nurturing a community of changemakers who are ready and able to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The principal aim of the Bridge Programme is to develop and implement a scalable educational programme with the purpose of acting as a mobility accelerator. The programme will pave the way for a cohort of socially disadvantaged and/or marginalised Romani students to become globally competitive and aspirational examples of achievement that inspire others as well as become voices that shape the broader societal conversation. As a result of participating in the Bridge Programme, pupils develop core academic skills and gain a critical understanding of the most important challenges faced by 21st century societies, as well as the opportunity to enter the Milestone Institute’s Advanced Academic Programme and later go on to study at a world leading university. 

Main Goals of the Bridge Programme:

  • ensuring effective and high quality talent support and leadership development for Ascend Scholars: pioneering students coming from a disadvantaged socio-economic and/or marginalized Romani identity background
  • strengthening their unique and innovative resilient personality development ability
  • evolving their critical academic curiosity and reflections with individual mentors and personalised course choices
  • increasing their engagement for social responsibility activities and strategic leadership through debating actions
  • establishing their successful transition to the Milestone Institute’s main Programme of Advanced Studies
  • empowering their admission process to the world’s top universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia or NYU.

The  Bridge Programme is based on three main pillars:

The Milestone Institute believes that all our students are equal,  therefore the Bridge Year gives essential space and place for them to get rid of society’s prejudice, different forms of oppressions and othering labels.  

We are strongly committed to providing personal patronage with our professional course leaders and mentors. This pillar offers for the students:

  • individual talent support in preferred and personalised academic subjects;  
  • profound and individualised career development
  • weekly and monthly personal progress evaluation.  

The Bridge Year’s second fundamental pillar is to help students to find and evolve their academic curiosity: to raise thought-provoking questions, to question the status quo through knowledge and competence development. The program encourages critical thinking and reflection development on career growth with qualified and proficient educators and mentors, by focusing on areas such as academic and creative writing, time management, presentation skills and debating techniques, business etiquette, etc. One of the tremendous values of the Milestone Institute –  Bridge Programme is the offering of personalised modules on the preferred academic subjects from Natural Sciences through interdisciplinary Social Sciences to the Arts and Humanities. 

The Milestone Institute holds the vision that with our collaboration we can encourage and empower a forward-looking, innovative and responsible young generation, strengthening their leadership and resilience skills. Therefore, the third principal pillar of the Bridge Programme is based on: 

  • identity politics, self-esteem and awareness raising;  
  • social responsibility expansion and community development;  
  • improving motivation, adapting positivity and flexibility with disadvantaged and/or Romani national and international role models. 

For further information, please contact: Tünde Szabó Head of Academic Operations (+36 70 671 0726,