Bridge Programme Scholarship and Application Information

The Milestone Institute’s internationally acknowledged educational centre launches its unique 2021/2022 Bridge Scholarship for disadvantaged and/or Romani talents who are completing the 8th or 9th grade of their primary or secondary school studies in the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

The Bridge Programme Scholarship

The scholarship offers a solid foundation and perspective to those students who aspire to become future changemakers and Pioneers in academia, social activism or business entrepreneurship.

We at the Milestone Institute believe in equal opportunities, in critical, reflective and forward-looking knowledge that are based on social values and collective social responsibilities. We hold the view that our students are equal, therefore the Bridge Scholarship provides an essential space and place for them to get rid of society’s prejudice, different forms of oppressions and othering labels. We are committed to promote the resilience and hidden potential of our students to set them on a path to success and becoming agents of change.

During the yearly three trimesters, Bridge Scholars will have the opportunity to discover their intellectual interests and develop their knowledge with personalised module choices, regular individual mentoring and with self-organised student programmes.

The admitted 10 Bridge Scholars, by completing the Bridge Year requirements, will proceed to the next Programme Years (Sophomore, Junior, Senior), where personalised mentoring and knowledge development continue with an increasing focus on top university admission preparations. In the past 10 years, Milestone students successfully gained admission to the world’s top 100 universities, for example to Cambridge, Harvard, St Andrews, Science Po, or ETH Zürich. Upon successfully completing their studies at the Milestone Institute, Bridge Scholars will join this community of over 1000 alumni.

The Milestone Institute offers more than 125 unique modules allowing students with any academic interest to find their path and acquire knowledge in areas as wide-ranging as engineering, mathematics, medicine, social sciences, jurisprudence, linguistics, classics, art history, arts and culture.

The Bridge Scholarship fully covers the preparatory year, and the advanced programme’s tuition as well, which costs 780 000 HUF per academic year.

Application criteria

  • The Milestone Institute’s language of instruction is English. As such, a solid, minimum A2+ / B1 level of written and spoken English is an essential requirement. Candidates do not need to present a language certificate since the Selection Committee will assess their English language competencies on the Admission Day.
  • Application portfolio, which must include:
    1. The submission of the application form (see ‘Application Process’ below).
    2. One-page letter of recommendation from form teacher/mentor teacher/school principal, including the applicant’s CEFR levels assessment from the school English teacher (for example: A2+, B1, B1+, B2).
    3. Parental/guardian statement of support (Please download the Hungarian template from here.
    4. A copy of the applicant’s grade transcript from the most recent midterm (2021 January) and the last completed school year (2020 June). The averages of both transcripts must be at least 3.5 in the Hungarian grading system, excluding the grades for discipline (‘magatartás’, ‘szorgalom’).
    5. A Motivational essay in maximum 2 pages – 1000 words in Hungarian or in English as chosen by the applicant, in which they describe their interests and engagements, greatest dreams, challenges and their family background.
    6. Achievements in academic competitions, sports, arts and humanities.

Application process

All candidates are requested to submit their application via the online form available on the Institute’s website.

IMPORTANT: in order to be considered for the Programme, candidates must ensure that their application portfolio is received within the application deadline of 31st March 2021.

For postal applications, in addition to the items listed above (letter of recommendation from form teacher/etc., Parental/guardian statement of support, grade transcript, motivational essay, list of achievements), the portfolio must also include the offline Application Form.

The Selection Committee will invite shortlisted candidates’ parents/guardians to a conversation, which will be conducted in Hungarian. During the interview with the parents/guardians, the Committee will introduce the unique structure, opportunities and aims of the Institute’s educational programmes, in order to establish a solid partnership.

Bridge Scholarship candidates will be held between 16-18 April 2021, consisting of:

  • English language examination (listening, reading, writing and spoken interaction),
  • Assessment of creativity and cognitive abilities/skills in Hungarian,
  • Admission interview where the Admission Panel can learn more about the candidate’s short and long term plans, and further learning aims. The interview will be conducted in Hungarian and English.

Important dates

Application deadline: 31 March, 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be notified by 7 April 2021
Admission Days: 16-18 April, 2021 (Candidates can indicate their availability in the online application form.)
Milestone Institute Year Opening: May 8, 2021
Bridge Year  Opening: 29 May, 2021
First day of the Summer Term: 7 June, 2021

For further information, please contact: Tünde Szabó Head of Academic Operations +36 70 671 0726,


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