Bridge Programme

The Bridge Year is founded upon Milestone Institute’s long standing commitment to inclusivity, equal opportunity and social mobility. The Bridge Year offers an essential space to overcome society’s prejudice, different forms of oppressions and othering labels. The Bridge Year paves the way for a cohort of socially disadvantaged and/or marginalised Romani students to become globally competitive and aspirational examples of achievement that inspire others as well as become voices shaping the broader societal conversation.

The Bridge Year is built on effective and high quality knowledge transfer, talent support and leadership development, including introductory  – compulsory –  modules spanning the Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Numerical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The teaching and mentoring sessions are in English, therefore the Bridge Year requires a strong and confident grasp of the language from their students.

As a result of participating in the Bridge Year, pupils develop core academic skills and gain a critical understanding of the most important challenges faced by 21st century societies, as well as the opportunity to enter the Milestone Institute’s Advanced Academic Programme and later go on to study at a world leading university. The Bridge Year is led by the Bridge Programme Manager in an intense cooperation with the Head of Lower House, and with the Head of Upper House.

Key Outcomes in the Bridge Year:

  • Evolving academic curiosity,
  • Understanding of introductory core concepts in Arts, Literature and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Numerical Sciences, and Social Sciences,
  • Fundamental skills development in academic writing and research, critical thinking, debating and problem-solving, 
  • Strengthening of unique and innovative resilient personality development ability,
  • Establishing the Bridge students’ successful transition to the Milestone Institute’s main Programme of Advanced Studies.


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Bridge Programme
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