Since the beginning of March, we have seen a spread of the COVID-19 disease outbreak in Europe. At the Milestone Institute our number one priority is the well-being of our students and staff. Therefore the Institute since the beginning of the outbreak has been promoting disciplined cooperation and social distancing to lessen the spread of the virus and protect those most vulnerable to it.

The management of the Milestone Institute and a dedicated working group are constantly monitoring the news regarding the outbreak and it is our adopted policy to follow the guidance issued by the Hungarian government’s Operative Group applicable to schools. We transferred to online teaching with effect from 16 March 2020, and our spring and entire summer trimester was held online with great success according to our latest student satisfaction survey.

Starting 31 August 2020, we are returning to offline teaching based on careful assessment and thanks to Milestone’s small group and one-on-one teaching methods. We are implementing careful safety and hygiene measures for the protection of our students, staff and visitors.

Should government restrictions change, we are prepared to adapt and to switch to remote teaching quickly and effectively during the term if necessary.

In addition, we recommend that everyone keep an eye on the coronavirus government information website, which provides up-to-date information on the epidemic, prevention and other important information.

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