András Péter Jánossy

Module leader

In recent years, András Jánossy teaches mathematical logic, complexity theory, and environmental economics as a lecturer at Budapest universities. Previously, he worked as an affiliated and non-affiliated research fellow for ALL Applied Logic Laboratory Budapest, and for the algebraic logic study group of the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, respectively. He completed his 3 year postdoctoral studies in Philosophy of Science during 1986-89, after having received his doctoral degree in Philosophy & Symbolic Logic from the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest (ELUS) in 1985. Prior to that, he completed his Philosophy studies at the Faculty of Arts, and his studies in Mathematics, conducted parallel, at the Faculty of Sciences of ELUS, and was conferred two MSc degrees. In 1975, he received his MSc degree in National Planning and Mathematical Economics from the Corvinus University Budapest. His research interests focus on the logical reconstruction of the notion of the mathematical apparatuses of empirical theories, on the conceptual and logical foundations of a four world ontology, and the modelling of historical economic structure changes and sustainability. Beyond that, he is also interested in the early history of philosophy and logic (he conducted Classical Studies for 4,5 years), as well as in the present and possible future situation of the Roma in Hungary. (He studied Sociology, Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology for 3 years, took part in several field studies, earned his living by working on construction sites with Roma peers for multiple years, and established friendly relationships with many people in the Roma cultural and political elite.) András is also a devoted environmental activist, he is affiliated as a volunteer with environmentalist NGOs for almost forty years. In his free time he enjoys trekking with friends, and listening to classical music and jazz. From time to time, he writes essays in newspapers and weeklies.