Bálint Magyar


Bálint Magyar is pursuing his PhD studies at the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics at Péter Pázmány Catholic University. His primary research focus lies in computer vision for medical imaging with a strong emphasis on the utilization of artificial intelligence. In addition to his academic career, Bálint works as a computer vision engineer at a start-up company, where he focuses on medical software solutions. He has diverse professional experiences, including roles as a visiting scholar in Germany, Austria, and Portugal, where he contributed to various research and development projects as well as startup initiatives. Bálint is passionate about science communication, where he has achieved recognition as a finalist in several competitions and frequently gives talks at scientific events. During his leisure time, he enjoys activities such as hiking, travelling, and the exploration of new cultures and ideas. He is also a co-founder and leader of “Benned a Létra Egyesület,” an organization dedicated to helping children in state care.