Orsolya Nemes

Lead Trainer / Head of Spark Presentation

Orsolya is the founder of Spark Presentation. With a combination of the realities of TED-style presentations, storytelling, science, design, and business, she assists anyone from experts to executives, from American bestselling authors to Harvard professors, from start up enterpreneurs to TEDx presenters in getting their messages across and to be perceived as smart as they truly are. In the past ten years she has assisted in making several hundreds of presentations and has been in the spotlight herself a number of times: she has stood on TEDx’s red dot in front of six hundred people, on the stage of an expo in Köln, and executive boardrooms. She has learnt creative writing, scriptwriting, being present on the stage, graphic design, and public speaking. Orsolya shares her knowledge and expertise gained in the past ten years in her elearning and blended courses, as well as during consultations. Her book Generational Myths: How to Prepare for the Challenges of the Future argues for defining generations not based on the past, but the future, was published in May 2019 by HVG Books.