Entrance Exam and Interview

“To offer admission irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial considerations to students of the highest intellectual potential who are committed to develop not just academically, but morally and socially”

The Milestone Institute’s success is rooted in the high calibre of its students and faculty. As such, the Institute is deeply committed to enhancing access to the education it provides, whilst increasing diversity, forging new partnerships and helping both students and faculty achieve outstanding international results. In addition, the Milestone Institute strives to maintain the highest educational standards and to further develop the breadth and quality of its teaching and learning.

Admissions procedure

  1. Application form: Fill out and submit the online application form and pay the non-refundable admission fee of HUF 13,000.
  2. Written exam: Applicants are invited to undertake a three part written exam in English.
  3. Interview: Students who passed the written exam are invited to a 20-25 minutes long personal interview.
  4. Offer: Overall successful candidates will receive an offer. Upon accepting the offer, you’ll be able to enroll at the Milestone Institute.

Should you be interested in our programme and admissions procedure, we are happy to provide you with further information:
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Application Deadlines

Application Deadline for February Admissions: 31st January 2021

  • Written test dates: 13 or 14 February 2021.
  • Interview: Between 1 and 6 March 2021.

Application Deadline for March Admissions: 28th February 2021

  • Written test dates: 6 or 7 March 2021.
  • Interview: Between 16 and 20 March 2021.

Scholarship application:

Scholarship applications for the Academic Year of 2021/2022 will be open for potential new students from December 2020 onwards. All applicants who submitted their application before the scholarship form opening date will be notified of its opening via email.

Please note that the Scholarship deadline for:

  • those applying to the first round will be [Sunday, 31st January 2021];
  • those applying to the second round, it will be [Sunday, 28th February 2021].

Please note that Scholarship applications will only be assessed upon successful admission to the Milestone programme.

About the exam and the interview

Entry examinations take place online. The language of the entrance examination is English and consists of three tests. The tests primarily measure a student’s aptitude for logical and critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to write in English.

Upon successfully passing the written exam, the applicant will be invited for an interview of approximately 20 minutes. If invited for interview, the first part of the interview will require the applicant to summarise and discuss a video lecture that will be sent out before the event, while the second part will focus on the student’s interests, academic record and any competition results he or she may have. In certain circumstances Senior Year applicants may be invited to attend a second, subject specific interview.

How to Prepare? 

The best way to prepare for the examination is through conversation, reading, watching films in English, and by familiarising oneself with the Institute’s module catalogue, programme structure and student societies. It is recommended to watch the examination video several times before the interview, and to reflect on the questions asked in the online application form. Up-to-date knowledge of contemporary affairs and/or of developments in a specific field of interest will also weigh in an applicant’s favour. It is the intention of the Milestone Institute that, whatever the outcome, applicants taking the entrance examination should receive a positive experience and one that will contribute to their plans for further study.


The possible outcomes of the written examination are:

  1. ‘successful’ (invitation to interview);
  2. ‘unsuccessful’ (not invited for interview).

After the interview period students will be notified of:

  1. ‘offer’ (directly admitted to the programme);
  2. ‘unsuccessful’ (not admitted to the programme);
  3. ‘waitlist’. Waitlisted candidates will be notified once the number of remaining places (if any) has been ascertained.

In some cases, it may be decided to offer a place in a lower Year Group to a candidate who we consider would benefit from an additional year of study in order to refine his or her areas of interests.

It should be noted that the policy of Institute is not to publish or make known any scores or test results. However, unsuccessful applicants may request personal feedback on their performance by writing to admissions@msinst.org.

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