Lecture by Dr Tony Houghton, Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education (CCITE)

Event date: 21 March 2013 18:00-18:00
Location: Milestone Institute

Following an appearance in November, during which he not only talked about CCITE’s work on science education, but also showcased his presentational skills, Tony Houghton is back with more.Las time, Tony described the international and nation challenges to change people from technophobes to polymaths. This time, he will update the audience with work undertaken since then featuring:- Two examples of multi-disciplinary on-going STEM projects featuring GeoGebra.- An example of how we have communicated and collaborated using GeoGebra to help a 5-year old develop mathematical concepts.- GeoGebra as a communications bridge between art, business and science featuring the Medicis, Leornardo and Brunelleschi.- Technology Beauty and Uncertainty featuring two of his granddaughtersDon’t miss this chance to experience a Cambridge lecturer in the flesh!