Inside Milestone

Event date: 9 March 2018 17:00-19:15
Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Recruitment

The aim of Inside Milestone is to help prospective Freshman and Sophomore students and their parents get to know the Institute’s every-day life through a first-hand and interactive experience. After a general introduction, participants will have the opportunity to attend a class and learn more about our mentoring system. Apply now!

The Programme of Inside Milestone:

17:00-18:00: Introduction to the Milestone Institute and tour with Adam Zeitler, co-founder, and current Freshman students (in Hungarian, translation available)

18:00-18:30: Attending a Milestone class (in English)

18:30-18:45: What does a mentor do? Jane and Lance Hattatt (in English)

18:45-19.15: Q&A session