Turning Ideas Into Capital by the Innovation Society

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Society, Student Life Event

At the invitation of the Milestone Innovation Society, two members – Dóra Branyiczki and János Tóth – of Day One Capital, an early-stage investor company will hold a lecture at the Institute on Saturday 7 April from 2pm. They will give answers for questions like:

  • If we have an innovative idea, to whom we have to turn in order to obtain enough capital for it?
  • How do we have to perform our idea to an investor company?
  • What is appreciated during a conversation with your future investors?

In the first half of the lecture the experts will share their impressions of a startup-investor relationship, thereafter an interactive Q&A session will be held where they will be able to answer precisely all of your questions related to the topic. If you want to know how to make your innovative ideas into a success story, and you would happily discuss with other Milestone students and the lecturers, that what kind of opportunities do you have for a startup-to-be thought, please sign up to join us on 7th April!