Natural Sciences Society: University Applications Q&A with Alumni

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Alumni, Society, Student Life Event

As the applications to the universities in the UK are coming up in September, we would like to give you answers to all of your questions about the application process as well as studying natural sciences subjects abroad at prestigious universities. In order to be able to supply you with all the information that is needed to be prepared, we are organising a Q&A session, where we invited 3 Milestone Alumni.

Let us give you a short introduction about the panel members:
Dániel Felföldi, who was in the Milestone Class of ’18 and is to attend the University of Oxford studying Biochemistry.
Bálint Ternyik, who is currently studying Biological Sciences at Durham University.
Fruzsina Gaál, who is currently studying Biomedical Sciences at Durham University.
The event will be held at Milestone on the 25th of July, from 13:00 to 15:00 with some snacks to accompany the occasion. Please come prepared with any questions that you might have!

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