OPEN EVENT: NatSci Society- Simor Péter’s Talk on Nightmare Disorder

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Society, Student Life Event

The Milestone Institute’s Natural Sciences Society cordially invites students and teachers with an interest in natural sciences to attend Péter Simor’s lecture on nightmare disorder in light of modern sleep and dream research. As demonstrated by Péter’s project that cuts across cognitive psychology, neuroscience and electrophysiology, current research trends in natural sciences transgress the subject-based disciplinary divisions. Guests can gain an insight into the Natural Science programme of the Institute, which is conceived in this interdisciplinary spirit offering courses from Drug Development to Developmental Psychology.

Péter Simor is a psychologist with a particular interest in the neurocognitive aspects of sleep and dreaming. During his PhD at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, he examined the neuropsychological functions and electrophysiological features of subjects with frequent nightmares (idiopathic nightmare disorder). Currently, as the leader of the Budapest Laboratory of Sleep and Cognition and assistant professor at ELTE, he works with psychometric tools, behavioral and neuroscientific methods (mainly EEG) to study different aspects of chronotype, sleep EEG oscillations and the role of sleep in emotional and cognitive information processing.

On the 23rd November, Péter will present the condition of having frequent nightmares as a specific sleep disorder that can be conceptualized within the frames of modern sleep and dream research and will review some of the groundbreaking findings in relation to the biological background of sleep regulation, dreaming and dream recall.

If you plan to attend please RSVP via this google form so we have an idea of numbers for event planning. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with Eszter Jókay, the Community and Student Life Coordinator at

The event shall commence at 17:00 on the 23rd November at the Milestone Institute (Budapest Bajza utca 44.)snacks and drinks will be provided.