Summer Term Picture Gallery

As September is fast approaching, it is time to reminisce about the wonderful Summer Term we have had. Have a look at the pictures from some of the Student Life events of the summer. In case you missed out on the Year Group events or did not join Societies or Clubs, make sure to attend Student Life Weekend to be held at the end of Shopping Week on the 21st-22nd September.

End of Term Socials:

At the end of the  Summer Term, Social Officers from every Year Group organised two highly successful term-closing socials for the Upper and the Lower House. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Summer of Sports:

Our Rowing Club and Sailing Club have had a busy summer. Besides weekly trainings, a rowing team from Holland visited our Club and participated in a training on the Danube. Balatonvilágos was also busy with new and old sailors. After training at regular sailing events, the Sailing Club even hosted an in-house competition.


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Milestone Hírek

2021. június 20.

Legfrissebb hírek és cikkek Intézetükről, diákjainkról, tantestületükről, alumnikról és barátainkról. Híroldalunkon olyan érdekes anyagokat, riportokat, publicisztikákat, kommentárokat és tanulmányokat ajánlunk olvasóink figyelmébe, amelyek tükrözik közösségünk sokszínűségét. Ha tagja vagy közösségünknek és szeretnéd hallatni a hangod, vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot:

Tanulmányok és diákélet

Általános hírek