Political History: 9/11, Invasion of Iraq and the Islamic State

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Diákegyesületek, Diákélet

The History Society and the Debating Society is pleased to present you with special event where there will be a talk on the history and ideology of the Islamic State by Ákos Erzse followed by a debate on military intervention led by the Debating Society. The event is open to all Milestone students and staff members and their guests. Please sign-up via this link.

The group known as the so-called Islamic State is the product of decades of conflict in the region. Mixing current research and the propaganda materials produced by the group itself, the presentation will trace the origins of today’s most prominent and infamous jihadi terrorist group, placing its emergence into historical and ideological context. Given the complexity of the issue, our discussion will cover a wide range of topics, such as the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Syrian revolution, and the niche intricacies of jihadi politics in Syria and Iraq. The presentation will be followed by a debate on international military interventions and their implications.

The talk will be held by Ákos Erzse who is an independent consultant working with gender and counter-terrorism. His clients include NATO, militaries, and law enforcement throughout Europe and the Middle East. Before going freelance, he worked at NATO HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in the USA, and as a Module Leader at Milestone. He graduated from his MPhil at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College) with distinction in 2016.