Upper House: End of Term Summer Social

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Diákélet, Közösség

The Social Officers of the Junior and the Senior Year invite you to the End Of Summer Term Social Event on the 25th July 15:00-17:00.

Let’s get together in the garden of Milestone to have a nice meet-and-greet and chat with your fellow students while celebrating the end of the summer term. We welcome you with food and drinks and some awesome ice-breaker games, followed by an exciting movie quiz with prizes.

Make sure not to miss this social event as it is a great opportunity to become the part of the Milestone Community and make sure to RSVP to the google form by the 22nd July.

Why is it worth to come?

  • free food & drink
  • meet and chat with fellow students in the Upper House
  • (Not awkward) ice-breaker games
  • Win the quiz!