Debating Society: Milestone Debating Qualifiers

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Diákegyesületek, Diákélet
Dear Students with Debating-interest,

You are cordially invited to our society’s very first Milestone Debate Qualifiers tournament on the 29th September.

Our goal with this event is to produce a ranking of our debaters. This will serve as a tool to put together our competitive team, who will be working with our debate coach throughout the year training for international tournaments.

At the tournament, we will have three impromptu rounds, with 6-minute speeches and 45 minutes of prep time. You will be judged by the wonderful Daniella Walsh, Eszter Jókay, Jennie King, Gergely Horvath, Tamás Hermann.

Please note that the tournament is from 10:30 am and will predictably last until 5 pm, thus we will have a lunch break. You could bring your own lunch, leave the premises to go get food or order pizza with us if you wish.

Furthermore, we will hold a tournament prep the day before (28th September 17:00-18:00) with a quick recap of debating basics and a Q and A where you can ask us any questions you may have.

Registration for the Qualifiers:

Debaters can register individually and will be allocated into random groups of three before the prep time. This will allow us to have a fair competition between individuals instead of focusing on the abilities of debaters as a team. Register here until the 27th September!

More info in the Debating Society‘s facebook group!