Sailing Club: Sailors Go Rowing

Dátum: 2018. október 8. 18:00-20:00
Helyszín: Danubius Nemzeti Hajós Egylet
Kategória: Diákegyesületek, Diákélet

Ahoy Sailors!
What would we do without our beloved sails?
We would like to invite you to our rowing event to try out a new way of splashdown together! With the help of a coach and accompanied by the great members of the Rowing club we will have a great time and learn a lot about this exciting sport!
Don’t forget to bring comfortable and warm clothes, which are not baggy(we don’t want them to get stuck in anything) for the practice as the weather starts to be pretty chilly in the late afternoons!
You’ll also need :
-running shoes*(not coloured tread if possible)

*these are like 100% gonna get wet

We hope to see many of you by the shore! Click attending in the facebook group!