Innovation Society: National Competition Preparation

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Location: Milestone Institute
Category: Diákegyesületek, Diákélet
Dear guys, it’s time to prepare for the 28th National Junior Scientific and Innovation Competition. Each session will have a different main topic. The first two sessions will focus on teams assemble, therefore if you want to join somewhere, please try not to miss them. We are happy to see non-Milestone students too, so if you have your classmate in the team, they are very welcome. This 8 weeks period seems quite long but in the scale of idea-developments, unfortunately it isn’t. Saturdays are the official dates for the workshops, however we can hold plus sessions on Saturdays, it depends on how many of you can come to the original dates. Please note: the deadline for the first round will be the 28th of November, 15:00 . See you on Saturdays!
Organiser: Student Life

Student Life