Who can have access to Canvas?

Everyone working or studying at Milestone, students and staff, has access to Canvas.

Why do I need a Canvas account?

Canvas is Milestone’s intranet and learning management system; through it students manage their studies and Mentors and Module Leaders manage their modules and teaching sessions.

What do I need to have access to my  Canvas account?

Being contracted to Milestone and having a google account are prerequisites to having a Canvas account.

How do I request a Canvas account?

Requests for accounts should be directed to János Hódsági (

How do I log in to Canvas?

Canvas accounts can be accessed by opening the following link in a browser and logging in with the appropriate google account.

Who do I contact if I have some problem with my Canvas account?

Upon noticing a problem regarding the functioning of Canvas or experiencing  login difficulties, please contact János Hódsági (

Where can I find useful information about the features of Canvas ?

For extra information about Canvas please consult:

Can I use Canvas on my phone or tablet?

Canvas is accessible on a mobile device either by downloading the Canvas smartphone application or by using the following link in a browser:

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