Teaching and Learning Associate

Milestone’s Teaching and Learning Team acts as a pedagogical lab within the Institute producing educational content, concepts and methods, while simultaneously overseeing their implementation and delivery in the study programmes.

The Teaching and Learning Associate is a full-time position that involves instructional design, educational leadership in delegated areas as well as process management and operative functions across key processes of Teaching and Learning. The Teaching and Learning Associate plays a key role in enabling the efficient functioning and growth of the Department through liaising with Academic Coordination, managing term-related processes within the Department, as well as taking part in educational development.

The ideal candidate will have a background in one of the following, or any combination thereof: physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, psychology, linguistics, and/or philosophy. We encourage candidates from varied interdisciplinary backgrounds, as long as interdisciplinary breadth of expertise is combined with the necessary depth of disciplinary knowledge.

Application is by CV and cover letter via the application link below — please see all details about the role in the Job Advertisement.

Application deadline: the position is open until filled, with applications accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Teaching and Learning Associate Job Advertisement