We, the Editorial Board of Jakobsleiter, an interdisciplinary academic journal dedicated to submissions by high school students would like to contribute to the cause of scientific progress by providing opportunities for dedicated young students to engage with ongoing scientific debates, to interact with renowned academics to start developing well-rounded academic interests.

The namesake of Jakobsleiter, the heavenly ladder encapsulates a twofold concept: young minds ascending on the ladder of science, and established scholars descending to and helping those who will one day join them and continue their work.

Jakobsleiter‘s first issue will be published on 25 November 2021. Its theme will be Maps and Models.

The submission deadline for authors is 15 September 2021.

Jakobsleiter’s editorial board welcomes submissions related to the theme of Maps and Models from high school students from all scientific disciplines, and particularly encourages interdisciplinary approaches.

In accordance with our commitment to help young minds in their exploration of scholarly paradigms, we organize a sequence of events to support our future authors.

  • We will hold three open lectures in June and July, where leading scholars will discuss their academic journey and their vision of Jakobsleiter’s theme of 2021: Maps and Models.
  • Further to the open lectures, we will hold writing workshops in smaller groups in July and August for students who are on a pathway to submit an article. If you want to be part of these workshops, make sure to register for further news here.

Submissions need to comply with Jakobsleiter’s submission guidelines and arrive to the Editorial Board by 15 September 2021. All submissions arriving before the submission deadline, will be reviewed by experts (peer-review process) and returned to submitters with detailed feedback on the contents and suggestions for improvement.

The best submissions will be asked to resubmit their papers following the peer-review process, and upon editing, they will be printed in Jakobsleiter’s first issue. Further to this, we are planning on rewarding the three best submissions with a prize.

If you are interested and would like to get further news from us, register here.

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Jakobsleiter is supported by the “Az innovatív tanulási környezet kialakítását segítő hazai programok támogatása” tender of the Nemzeti Tehetség Program