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Our media policy is simple: we are transparent and always open for media enquiries. If you’re a journalist looking for information about Milestone, or in search of an expert to interview for a story, our team stands ready to help. Our faculty directory boasts currently 104 experts with international experience in a wide range of areas. If you are interested in the media appearances of Milestone staff or any other coverage about the Institute, you can find a full list below, which is regularly updated.

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  • Milestone Institute’s director of academic studies György Greskovits spoke with János Dési about the ways Brexit might affect those studying in the UK, and what alternatives students willing to study abroad might have.

    Radio | Klubrádió
    November 20, 2018
  • Milestone Institute founder & director of academic studies György Greskovits contributed to’s report on the costs of studying in the UK, the value of a British diploma, and why attending a foreign university should not necessarily be regarded as the first step towards emigration.

    Online Media |
    November 19, 2018
  • Not (only) a school; report of online business magazine G7 on Milestone introducing the Institute from a different perspective, giving an overall picture of our goals and activities.

    Online Media | G7
    October 25, 2018
  • Milestone Solutions Lab Senior Consultant Orsolya Nemes was guest on talkshow Jakupcsek plusz, discussing the differences of work preferences between members of the same generation, the adventurousness taking them abroad, and their desire of returning to Hungary

    Television | ATV
    September 11, 2018
  • Interview with senior consultant and trainer of Milestone Solutions Lab Orsolya Nemes on – news portal of the Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran Church – about different generations and generational labels in our society, challenges of the future, and the ethical questions that might arise due to technological development.

    Online Media |
    May 28, 2018
  • Host Bodacz Balázs and Milestone co-founder Daniel Lederer discussing the Milestone success story and why young Hungarians decide to study abroad on Hungary’s most popular television news channel HirTV.



    Television | HÍR TV
    May 18, 2018
  • Hungary’s most popular commercial TV channel’s report on the current state of Hungarian education featuring Milestone co-founder Ádám Zeitler.


    Television | RTL Klub
    April 14, 2018
  • Milestone co-founder and Head of External Relations, Ádám Zeitler, was invited by the Kolozsvári Megyei Ifjúsági Fórum to give a lecture at the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania. The pedagogy conference was held in Kolozsvár and provided a perfect opportunity to meet with local student communities and pedagogic associations and to introduce Milestone’s educational philosophy, programmes and teaching methods to those prospective teachers who are studying at Hungarian speaking universities outside Hungary.

    Conference | Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
    April 6, 2018
  • Summary report from HVG Online on Milestone outstanding Oxbridge results in 2018 and our contribution to the success of Hungary in Oxford and Cambridge admissions between 2015 and 2017.

    Online Media | HVG Online
    March 2, 2018
  • A powerful socio-educational report featuring Milestone on ABCÚG about the exemplary mission of the Napsukár Tanoda which supports disadvantaged children at Gyöngyöspata.

    Online Media |
    March 2, 2018
  • Interview with Ádám Zeitler and Domonkos Kovács from Milestone on ATV’s popular morning show. Check out the TV performance of Milestone’s co-Founder and our Cambrige offer holder Senior student!

    Television | ATV
    February 27, 2018
  • Hungary’s most prestigious online daily news site on education and educational politics reports Milestone’s Oxbridge results from 2018.

    Online Media | Eduline
    February 26, 2018
  • Hungarian online management forum reports that in the past three years Hungary’s become the Central Eastern European region’s leading country with respect to Oxford and Cambridge admission results and presents how Milestone has contributed to this success.

    Online Media |
    February 26, 2018
  • György Greskovits assesses the research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the state of education in Hungary. Watch the full report of Hír TV featuring Milestone’s Director of Academic Programmes.

    Television | Hír TV
    February 25, 2018
  • The most popular Hungarian news portal in English reports on the success of Milestone in the 2018 Oxford and Cambridge admission cylce and presents the outcome of our Institute’s Oxbridge research.

    Online Media | Daily News Hungary
    February 24, 2018
  • Report on the outcome of Milestone’s Oxbridge survey featuring a radio interview with György Greskovits, the Director of the Institute’s Academic Programmes.

    Radio | Inforádió
    February 23, 2018
  • Article about how Milestone has contributed to Hungary’s success in becoming the region’s leading country with respect to Oxford and Cambridge admission results from the front page of

    Online Media |
    February 21, 2018
  • In the morning talk show of Klubrádió, Milestone’s Director of Academic Programmes György Greskovits gives insights on the outcome of the Institute’s regional Oxbridge survey and on the results of this year’s Oxford and Cambridge admissions, while highlighting the current problems of the Hungarian public education system and sharing his thoughts on how to solve them.

    Radio | Klubrádió
    February 21, 2018
  • Brand-new thought-provoking article on the pages of Frobes about generational myths written by Orsolya Nemes, the Senior Trainer and Advisior of the Milestone Solutions Lab.

    Online Media | Forbes
    February 16, 2018
  • While working on her book on generational myths, Orsolya Nemes, the Senior Consultant and Trainer of the Milestone Solutions Lab, was invited to give a lecture on television about her field of expertise. Find out more about Orsolya’s works and personal motivations and take a peek inside the heads of the Millenials with her by watching her inspiring and thought provoking lecture.

    Television | M5
    February 9, 2018
  • In the company of prominent lecturers, including Iain Lindsay, Great-Britain’s ambassador to Hungary, Éva G. Lukács, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law of ELTE University, László Andor and Péter Balázs former EU commissionaires, Milestone Co-Founder and Academic Programme Director György Greskovits shared his thoughts on the possible effects on education by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union at the ‘Social Europe Before and After Brexit’ conference organised by the Hungarian Economic Association.

    Conference | Hungarian Economic Association
    November 26, 2017
  • A joint interview between Milestone Co-Founder and Academic Programme Director and Henriette Dinók, the Head of Romaversitas, which helps disadvantaged Roma youngsters to enter higher education, tells of this unique collaboration and the groundbreaking common talent development programme between the two institutions.

    Online Media, Print Media | 168 Óra
    November 22, 2017
  • Wanna play Oxbridge? Test your skills and master your mind by taking our quiz! It’s not child’s play…

    Online Media |
    November 1, 2017
  • Milestone’s Co-Founder and Director of Milestone Solutions Lab, Ádám Zeitler made a public presentation to international lecturers as part of HR Fest 2017. At this event, the best workplaces in Hungary received awards.

    Conference |
    October 31, 2017
  • Article on how (digital) technology effects different generations featuring the comments of Milestone’s generation expert Orsolya Nemes, the Senior Trainer and Advisior of the Milestone Solutions Lab.

    Online Media | Kreatív Online
    October 31, 2017
  • What is there to know about the possible effects of Brexit on British education? Are there any likely scenarios and what can be concluded from the ongoing trends one year after the EU referendum? In this article György Greskovits, the Senior Director of Milestone’s academic programme shares his thoughts and expertise on this hot and complex topic.

    Print Media | HVG Campus PLUSZ
    October 10, 2017
  • Representing Milestone Solutions Lab, Ádám Zeitler and Orsolya Nemes, attended the Internet Hungary 2017 conference at the end of September, where both of them delivered a well-received and memorable lecture focusing on the trends that will shape the workplace of the future.

    Conference | Internet Hungary
    October 3, 2017
  • Milestone co-founder and CEO Dániel Léderer accepted the invitation of TEDxYouth Budapest and temporarily became a Szitizen by giving an interactive presentation in front of the international audience of the Island of Freedom. Watch Dániel’s whole presentation at one of the biggest festivals in the world and learn more about what we think of the future of education!

    Conference | TEDxYouth Budapest
    September 5, 2017
  • In the company of her newborn daughter Sári, Orsolya Nemes the Senior Consultant and Trainer of the Milestone Solutions Lab recently gave an interview to HVG in which she shared her thoughts on the myths and reality of generational differences.

    Print Media | HVG
    July 24, 2017
  • Report on Menedék Műhely’s roundtable discussion about brain drain and student migration feuturing György Greskovits, the Director of Milestone’s Academic Programmes.


    Online Media |
    April 18, 2017
  • HVG Online’s comperative study of the costs of studying at foreign universites and at the Central European University with the statistics provided by Milestone and with the comments of György Greskovits the Senior Director of the Institute’s Academic Programmes.

    Online Media | HVG Online
    April 5, 2017
  • Report written by Milestone Head of Admissions and Sophomore Programme Year Director Rita Nádas on the transnational meeting of European talent development professionals who came together in March under the aegis of the EGIFT project. The project aims to provide an accessible source of professional development to educators in Europe who are planning or are currently involved in talent education programmes.

    Conference | European Talent Center Budapest
    March 30, 2017
  • A report by the most popular Hungarian television station on students choosing to go abroad for a better education, featuring Milestone staff and alumni.

    Television | RTL
    February 27, 2017
  • For a programme on Petőfi TV that also features Nóri Kertész, an alumna who now studies at Cambridge, Milestone co-founder Ádám Zeitler talks about how to encourage gifted students to study abroad and then bring back their talent to Hungary.

    Television | Petőfi TV
    January 11, 2017
  • As a guest on 90.9 Jazzy Radio’s popular business and economics programme, Ádám Zeitler, Milestone co-founder and COO discusses the financial aspects of studying abroad, in terms of costs and as an investment.

    Radio | 90.9 Jazzy
    January 10, 2017
  • In this lecture at a conference on education organised by the Millenium Institute, Milestone co-founder and CEO Dániel Léderer addresses the opportunities and challenges of technological development, the need to reappraise the role of teachers, as well as the necessity to enhance the cooperation between universities, enterprises and secondary schools.

    Conference | Millenium Institue
    December 10, 2016
  • Keep calm and study in Britain: an article published shortly after UK’s EU referendum, featuring the thoughts of Milestone student Bálint Szőllősi, who does not fear Brexit and remains eager to continue his studies in England.

    Online Media | Népszabadság Online
    July 5, 2016
  • Creativity is the measure of success: a portrait of Dániel Léderer, co-founder and CEO of the Milestone Institute.

    Online Media |
    June 17, 2016
  • An article in the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők, featuring remarks by director of teaching George Greskovits about the achievements of Milestone, the reality of the brain drain and the possibilites of homecoming after studying abroad.

    Print Media | Magyar Idők
    June 4, 2016
  • Announcement of the agreement between the Ministry of Human Resources and the Milestone Institute on a scholarship that supports Roma students gain admission to the world’s best universities by partaking in our academic programme.


    Online Media |
    April 24, 2016
  • A report on Hungarian students enrolled at top British universities featuring Milestone alumni and our comparative regional study on Eastern European talent moving abroad.

    Online Media |
    February 25, 2016
  • The Hungarian news portal covers the recent increase in Hungarian students studying abroad with reference to a 2016 study published by the Milestone Institute.

    Online Media |
    February 12, 2016
  • On the morning talk show of Hungary’s premier privately-owned TV channel ATV, Milestone co-founder and COO Ádám Zeitler talks about the on-going emigration of the Hungarian elite.

    Television | ATV
    February 11, 2016
  • In the context of a news and talk show on the TV channel STORY 4, Milestone co-founder and CEO Dániel Léderer discusses the future of education.



    Television | Story4
    December 7, 2015
  • An interview with Milestone co-founder and COO, Ádám Zeitler, about our Institute’s history, goals and initiatives, published on Kamaraonline, the business news portal for small and medium-sized Hungarian enterprises.

    Online Media |
    November 9, 2015
  • András Kapuvári, head of the Milestone Graduate Centre, shares his thoughs and expertise on internships in Hungary on the pages of Hungary’s leading business and economics publication.

    Online Media | Világgazdaság Online
    July 10, 2015
  • An article about the options of studying abroad after high school, featuring the Milestone Institute’s research on parental support.

    Online Media | Nők Lapja Café
    May 8, 2015
  • Interview with Milestone co-founder and COO Ádám Zeitler about the possibilites and they reality of developing a new Hungarian elite through education.

    Print Media | Hetek
    February 27, 2015
  • A report on Hungarian students at British universities featuring tips from Milestone alumni.

    Online Media | HVG Online
    September 16, 2014
  • Klubrádió’s morning show features the results of a survey conducted by Milestone on the reasons why Hungarian students study abroad.

    Radio | Klubrádió
    May 16, 2014
  • A report on covering the results of a survey conducted by the Milestone Institute about Hungarian students’ motivation for studying in the United Kingdom.

    Online Media |
    February 18, 2014
  • The Hungarian newsportal covers the results of a survey conducted by the Milestone Institute on the reasons why Hungarian students choose to study abroad.

    Online Media |
    February 18, 2014
  • The Hungarian daily Népszabadság reveals the results of a survey conducted by the Milestone Institue, which explores the reasons why Hungarian students move abroad after graduating from high school and continue their studies at foregin universities.

    Print Media | Népszabadság
    February 18, 2014
  • The results of a survey conducted by the Milestone Institute that explores the reasons why Hungarian students choose to study abroad.


    Online Media | HVG Online
    February 18, 2014
  • “New Agents of System Change”, an opinion piece by Milestone founder George Greskovits in the Hungarian weekly Magyar Narancs.

    Print Media | Magyar Narancs
    January 23, 2014
  • An article on how to gain admission to top international universities, published on the Hungarian news portal

    Online Media |
    December 13, 2013
  • A report on the Milestone Institute’s profile and our achievements, published on the website of Hungary’s most prestigious weekly magazine, HVG.

    Online Media | HVG Online
    December 12, 2013
  • ‘How I earned my first million’ – portrait of Ádám Zeitler, co-Founder and COO of the Milestone Institute.

    Television | RTL
    December 11, 2013
  • A report on the reasons why Hungarian students apply for foreign universities instead of choosing Hungarian institutions of higher education.

    Online Media | HVG Online
    December 6, 2013
  • “We help those who want to return to Hungary” – a personal interview with Milestone co-founder and CEO Dániel Léderer on the Hungarian newsportal

    Online Media |
    October 1, 2013
  • An interview in the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet with Milestone founder and COO Ádám Zeitler on the prospects of students who are returning home after studying at universities abroad.

    Print Media | Magyar Nemzet
    May 27, 2013
  • An article about the motivation of students who are enrolled at top universities like Yale.

    Online Media |
    March 24, 2013
  • An article about the Milstone Institute’s mission, educational philosophy and business model.

    Print Media | Figyelő
    September 27, 2012
  • All you need to know about plagiarism explained by the staff of the Milestone Institute: why is it a problem, what forms does it take and what are the consequences?


    Online Media |
    August 19, 2012
  • A Milestone staff member shares his knowledge on student life and the importance of clubs and societies at Anglo-Saxon institutions of higher education.

    Online Media |
    August 18, 2012
  • “Leaving the country as soon as possible” – testimony from Milestone students featured on the Hungarian news portal


    Online Media |
    May 7, 2012
  • An article on the issue of returning to Hungary after studying abroad, featuring comments by Milestone staff.

    Online Media | Népszabadság Online
    April 8, 2012
  • A report about the 2011 ‘Educatio’ fair in Budapest featuring the comments of Milestone co-founder and COO Ádám Zeitler.

    Online Media |
    January 21, 2012
  • A contribution by the Milestone Institute on MBA studies, published in the Hungarian Student Magazine MOHA.

    Print Media | MOHA
    February 22, 2011
  • A contribution by the Milestone Institute on manoeuvring the labyrinth of university rankings, published in the Hungarian Student Magazine MOHA.

    Print Media | MOHA
    January 19, 2011
  • A contribution by the Milestone Institute on the virtual revolution that is currently unfolding at universities.

    Print Media | MOHA
    December 23, 2010
  • A contribution by the Milestone Institute on the business of higher education, published in the Hungarian Student Magazine MOHA.

    Print Media | MOHA
    October 15, 2010