Luis Murillo

Subjects: Psychology
Division: Social Sciences
Position: Mentor, Module leader
Years: 2017-2018, 2018-2019

Luis Fernando Murillo studied Greek, Latin, German, and Philosophy at Trinity College, University of Toronto. Subsequently, he was awarded an M.A. in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Neurophysiology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.  He taught Human Anatomy in Fribourg and Lausanne and was a guest researcher at the Karolinksa Institue in Stockholm and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He was named Professor of Psychology and Philosophy at the American College of Switzerland and is currently professor of Psychology at McDaniel’s College. He is studying for a second Ph.D. in Logic and Philosophy of Science at ELTE.He has published three books and co-authored an article with Oxford University Press.  The National Council for Culture and Arts in Mexico awarded him a prize for his Spanish translation of Stefan Zweig. Luis is interested in Philosophical Anthropology and the Intellectual History of Romanticism. He has been a teacher and college counsellor in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Thailand and China, where he has published numerous articles and interviews with the Shanghai Daily Press. Luis’ passion is classical piano. He studied this instrument at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto and at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory in Russia.