Tamás Bóday

Subjects: Engineering, Management and Finance
Division: Multiple Disciplines, Numerical Sciences
Position: Mentor
Years: 2017-2018

Tamas has a technical background in Electrical Engineering, specialising in Telecommunications. In his words, he  “transferred to the dark side” with a BA in Management and Finance from Corvinus University and, recently, an MBA (with honours) from Central European University. He has a diverse employment history in terms of geography (Hungary, Finland, Ukraine, Indonesia and Singapore), employment level and types of organisations (multinationals, startups etc.). He is dedicated to the process of knowledge transfer whether it be mentoring, teaching or through a consultancy. He lectures at Óbuda University and Central European University. He is passionate about technology in general and current topics of interest are IoT (internet of things), Data Science, machine-learning algorithms on large datasets and the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. In his free time he rides and repairs motorcycles, and raises Quails with his daughters. He also loves to design and build hobby electronic circuits. He has translated  several Sci-Fi and Fantasy books into Hungarian.