Student Council

The Student Council is made up of Welfare and Social Officers who are representing their Year Group and acting as go-betweens for their fellow students and the Academic Team. They are in constant communication with the Student Life Coordinator.

Milestone Student Council 2018/19

Do you want to shape Milestone’s Academic and Student Life? Do you have an idea for a social event? Get in touch with your Year Group’s Student Council Member via Canvas to participate in our vibrant community and contribute to our constant academic development.





If you have any questions, feel free to email Eszter Jokay, Student Life Coordinator, at

Application Process

Student Council members are elected at the beginning of each Academic Year. Positions are advertised by the Student Life Coordinator in each Year Group and applicants can apply through an online form. Once the deadline has passed the applicant profiles are made available to their Year Group and voting takes place online. Students from all backgrounds and experience are encouraged to apply. It is possible to apply for the Social Officer position in pairs. Applications are allowed for both positions but indication of primary choice should be provided.

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer acts as a point of contact for fellow Year Group members to air their views to the Academic Team on issues like diversity in module choice, mentoring quality, teaching methods, Student Life and general matters related to Milestone. They act as a first point of contact for students who would rather discuss such matters with a peer rather than a member of staff. The Welfare Officer provides a platform for his/her peers to voice concerns online or in person, feeds back to the Student Life Coordinator and attends one termly meeting with the Deputy Head of House where they can present the feedback. The Welfare Officer is also encouraged to help the Social Officers in organising events.

Social Officer

The Social Officer is in charge of bringing the Year Group together and contributing to forming the Milestone community. He/She must organise at least one social per term and also advertise these events within the Year Group, using Social Media and other creative tools such as videos and posters. He/She is also encouraged to organise Socials for all students for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or Burns Night and liaise with the Student Organisations to organise bigger events and running Milestone community events such as ‘ arts @ milestone ‘ projects.

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How do I get started in my role?

  • Receive an introductory briefing from the Student Life Coordinator which will detail your tasks.
  • Your profile will be uploaded to the Milestone Institute’s website so your Year Group members can get in touch with you.
  • Meet the Student Life Coordinator once a month and the Deputy Head of House once a term.
  • Present the feedback and discuss upcoming event plans.
  • Inform the Year Group about upcoming meetings to gather feedback and ask for input on event plans.
  • Keep in constant contact with the Student Life Coordinator for additional support.


Welfare Officer: How do I deal with a problem a student has brought to me?

Get the full story from a student who wants your to help. Decide if it is an isolated issue or affects other students as well.

  • If it is an isolated issue then approach the Student Life Coordinator privately and make sure that the student is informed of the procedure as well as ensure anonymity if requested.
  • If the issue affects other students as well, speak to as many of them as possible to get a diversity of opinions before bringing it to the meeting with the Student Life Coordinator.


Social Officer: How do I go about organising Socials?

Year Group Socials:

  • Come up with a variety of events and receive input from their classmates. Get the plans approved by the Student Life Coordinator and forward to the Reception.
  • Advertise your event: for example through facebook, posters, in person.
  • Year Group Socials are to be self-funded with the contribution of each student. (For example you might order pizza together or ask your classmates to each bring something.)

All-students Socials

  • Liaise with Clubs and Societies and organise socials which are open to all students, alumni and staff.
  • For example, work together and draft proposals for special events such as Halloween, SuperBowl, Christmas and Burns Night or other bigger events in which Student Organisations might organise.
  • Apply for grants with the chosen Club or Society by filling out the Grant Application from in the Student Organisation Guidelines.


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