Bianka Nagy

I like to help people who can approach me with any concerns they have in mind. I can manage sensitive information and share it with others with the appropriate responsibility and caution. I pay attention to details and equal opportunities are important to me. I have some experience supporting others as I am a member of DÖK at my high school, thus I am happy to represent Freshmen’s view within the Institute.



Laura Arday-Murphy

I am pleased to represent our Freshman Group as Social Officer.  I am an open, friendly person with good communication skills. I am quite talkative, but a good listener who pays attention to others. I think clear communication, patient and a helpful approach are very important in this role. I am also a discreet person and people trust me. I know that building trust takes some time, however, I hope that I can build a good relationship with all of you, and you will feel comfortable to turn to me if you have any concerns. I believe that we will have a great time together and a strong community supporting each other to reach our goals.