Zsófi (Sophie) Dara

I am dedicated to help all Junior students have the best Milestone experience. As I have been an active member of the Institute for two years now, I understand it might be frightening at first to have your voice heard, to express your thoughts about how the Institute works and your experiences here. For this reason, I believe that every student should have a support system, similar to a mentor, but less formal. As Welfare Officer, I hope to be this person they can rely on in any situation and to whom students can come with questions at any time.
As the current president of the Debating Society, I love interacting with fellow students. I am extremely social and enjoy helping students. Furthermore, as the Welfare Officer, one should be alert to and work alongside the Student Life leaders: the Presidencies of the Milestone Societies. Being a part of that team myself and having friendly relationships with the others, I will thrive for further cooperation. Overall, my goal as the Welfare Officer is to help all students new and old fit in at Milestone, to grant them the opportunity the best of Milestone life.


Tea Tóth

As Junior Welfare Officer I wish to  help others however I can. If anyone I know needs help or support, I usually cannot rest until I know their problems are solved. Sharing our experience and opinion about our studies in Milestone with the Academic Team is important, because this is how they can improve the workings of our community. Milestone can only become the best it can be, if we all work towards it. The feedback of students plays a huge part in this, but even with all the questionnaires, not all students find a way of expressing their ideas. As Welfare Officer, I am happy to hear the comments from as many students as possible and to communicate all suggestions to the Academic Team. I understand that talking about personal or general problems with an adult can be intimidating, so I am here to help anybody, who would rather talk to a fellow student about these.



Emma Somos

Adolescence is a real changing period when teenagers question themselves, each other and the world around them. As Milestone Students – armed with critical thinking and motivation – we are easily able to create something magical by working together as a Year Group. In my opinion, overcoming prejudices and obstacles while opening up to each other are the key elements of a better future.
As Social Officer, I plan fun and meaningful events such as visiting festivals, cinemas, dealing with literature, baking, arts and science. As a huge fan of Christmas and the festive season, I believe putting on events connected to Halloween, Easter and other festivities of the year would not only be fun and make special days memorable, but also gives an opportunity to talk about religion, identity and culture. As a community we should be aware that we shape each other’s opinions and personalities. Therefore, we should support and believe in each other. For me, working as a Social Officer means that I can give back to the Milestone Community in exchange of all the knowledge and core values Milestone teaches me every day.I know how scary it can be to find yourself in a new community but that is exactly something I would like to help students to overcome. Both as Social Officer and the MUN Society’s Vice-President, I am committed to democratic values with enthusiasm to form a community that includes each and every one from the year group. To support this commitment, I encourage to organise more charity events within the Milestone Institute which helps students become more sensitive to social inequalities. Most importantly, I want to work together with you guys, listen to your ideas and organize events based on your needs and wishes.


Zsófi Bella

I always liked to communicate mine and my fellow schoolmates’ problems towards my school. That is why I have been a part of the Student Council (Diákönkormányzat) at my schools for the past 6 years. I feel like here at Milestone I could make my voice heard, since the students play a bigger role here in helping the staff with the forming of the Institute  than in a regular high school. As Social Officer and part of the Student Council, I help my peers with their common and individuals problems and organise Socials to ensure they get the best of the Milestone experience.