Lower House

Sophomore Representatives

Péter Szász

My fellow Sophomores, I am Peter Szasz, your representative. Besides my eternal love for politics, business, and international affairs, I have a passion for social life. Hence, if you have any questions, ideas or just want to talk to somebody, I am keen to engage. Text me, call me at any point in time, and as we always say; don’t forget to be awesome!

Csanád Váradi

Hello, my name is Csanád Váradi as the new Sophomore Representative of the upcoming academic year. I hope that I can guarantee the fulfilment of the position with the experiences that I gathered from previously being part of the leaderships in different student organizations, e.g., the Debating Society. I will organize fantastic events, introduce the essential Milestone-related news with the other wonderful members of the council, but you can also turn to me with any questions anytime. I am always happy to help!

Freshman Representative

Hédi Nguyen


Laura Nagy–Fehértói