Lower House

Sophomore Representatives

Eszter Csordás

I was excited to learn that here at Milestone students have an opportunity to work “ behind the scenes” and represent their year. This, I would say is especially important because It proves that we, students are respected and listened to. This is powerful in many ways, it helps create a community that works well together and is thinking of everyone when making a decision. I wanted to be a representative to help this cause and use it for speaking up for different narratives, support anyone who feels like they aren’t heard, have any difficulties understanding the system or an assignment. I think being a student rep is like being an older sister or brother to everyone in your year group: help them on their way, give support and useful information, and always take their side and represent them when they cannot be there themselves. Aside from focusing on my year group I also aspire to create a motivated, supportive Milestone community where ideas and thoughts are shared and every student finds its place. 

Míra Kovács

I joined the council at the end of the 2019/2020 spring term as a way to step out of my comfort zone. I was an active member of the Student Council in my school, but now I’m delighted to represent the Sophomores of Milestone and help them with any of their needs. My main interests are Political Science and International Relations but I enjoy trying out new things, especially within the walls of the Institute.

Freshman Representative

Áron Péchy

My name is Péchy Áron and I am the Representative of the Freshman year group in the Student Council. The reason I decided to become a member is that I love organizing social events and communicate with people so much and I am truly thankful for this opportunity and to everyone who made it possible. I have been lucky enough to get the Milestone experience even before I became an official student. For the Milestone experience is when you do something useful and build your future academic profile but you still enjoy it and don’t consider it as work or obligation. As a Representative my aim is to help each and every student to also be able to experience this.