Lower House

FRESHMAN Student Representatives:

Emese Morris:

Besides being a member of the Student Rep Council, I am also an enthusiastic debater and attend MUN-sessions. This is what Milestone could help me with, learning new subjects that are not in school, but I could study in university. I hope to gain good memories, and guidance from the Milestone experience and also help other students make the most of it. To Milestone I could contribute anew attended ready to learn and be taught, ambitious and eager to prove my worth in Milestone and form its community.

SOPHOMORE Student Representatives:

Bianka Nagy:

I like to help people who can approach me with any concerns they have in mind. I can manage sensitive information and share it with others with the appropriate responsibility and caution. I pay attention to details and equal opportunities are important to me. I have some experience supporting others as I am a member of DÖK at my high school, thus I am happy to represent Freshmen’s view within the Institute.

Nóra Zöldi:

As one of those lucky Sophomores who experienced the Freshman year at Milestone, I had a whole year to understand and get used to the everyday life and system of the institute. At my high school I have been representing my class in the student committee for 5 years and I am said to have pretty good communication skills which are useful when it comes to conveying pupils’ ideas, demands towards the directorate.
By attending numerous events organised either by societies or the Student Council I managed to get a closer look on the student life as well. Some of these experiences may have not been as “fun” as I and my fellow milestoners expected them to be, but in total they gave me a great “to do/ to NOT do” list which – hopefully – I will be able to use while organising future events. This term I was also part of the organiser team for the first ever Milestonale which gave a great insight into successful event organisation.