Panna Dora

It  is crucial that students have the opportunity to raise their voices and communicate it to the Academic Team, in order to make their time at Milestone more effective and enjoyable.
I believe that  having the opportunity to create a better  and safe environment around you is also at the core of the Institute’s values. As Welfare Officer, I am pleased to be your point of contact and shall aspire to become the person who shall contribute to achieving this.


Katalin Olasz

Milestone should be the place where our hard work is appreciated and supported, where we can find friendships, where we can learn as much as possible and where our willing matters. The way to make it viable, if we, students, are partners with the leaders of the Institution. If we dare to voice our concerns and most importantly communicate them honestly, we can make Milestone the place that nurtures talent and community. It depends on us, students, as well, because the leaders of the Institute are willing to listen and aid us through our journey.  As Senior Welfare Officer, you can came to with your problems and I will voice our opinions and doubts while liaising with the Academic Team.



Sára Kende

It is especially important that the Senior Year Group should be a strong and convergent community, because this year is no doubt going to be a stressful period in our lives, during which sticking together and looking out for each other are essential.  We all know that the more meaningful relationships are usually not formed during lessons but at social gatherings. This is why as a Social Officer it is my mission to organise events with this aim in mind. I am really enthusiastic about organising social events and have great ideas about how to provide a warm welcome for new students during the summer. I am also planning on hosting joint events with Milestone Societies and events open to the whole Milestone community.  


Gréta Mile

Have you ever felt under pressure because of your academic or social life? Have you ever felt like an outsider or just completely stressed out because of school? We have all been there. As one of your Social Officers, I aim to create a welcoming atmosphere at Milestone to provide you with a safe haven from those everyday struggles. As a new member of this community, it is of great importance to generate a place where everyone is able to express their own opinions and ideas. Together, we would construct the best and most entertaining social programs and activities that this place has ever seen, to ensure a break from that academic burden and assure opportunities to meet with others and get to know your fellow students. I look forward to working with the Social Officers from all year groups to offer a great diversity of programs. This way, we shall  form an outstanding social community and create the feeling of a second home.