Ákos Pál Varga

For students, studying takes up most time and energy and is one of the most important things in our lives currently. For this reason, it is essential to establish and maintain an environment that makes everyday life and studying comfortable for every student. That is why I co-created the Welfare Officer title in the Student Council of my High School. As I have been caring about these issues with commitment and success, I am pleased to represent my Year Group within Milestone as well.



 Balázs Bánszki

Social connections are very important to have and to make for people, regardless of age, sex and identity. My goal as Social Officer would be to bring people together and encourage them to make friends, to find people with who they work together well, and most importantly, to have fun. As for why I would make a good Social Officer: I am an outgoing person, who likes to partake in the organisation of events, too. I have helped organise numerous events as the member of the Student Council at my school, as the member of my school’s choir, Très Fort, and as the candidate member of of the Budapesti Fortis Leo Club.I look forward to working with the other members of the Student Council and I believe that we will have fun together building a stronger community amongst our age group and also amongst the others.